Ziao, S. J., Jiang, Xiang and Blunt, Liam (2000) Three-dimensional functional parameters for characterization of the bio-engineering surface at different stages of wear. In: 1st International Conference on Tribology in Environmental Design 2000 - The Characteristics of Interacting Surfaces. Professional Engineering Publishing, London, UK, pp. 155-161. ISBN 1-86058-266-4

For bio-engineering components, their qualities especially wear properties cause serious concern. So the correct characterisation of these surfaces at different stages of wear is critically important. The bearing ratio curve has been referred to as a fundamental resource for functional wear of the measured surface. In the case of bio-engineering surfaces, their bearing ratio curves show very little difference concerning their shapes and features due to their high precision. An improved parameter set derived from the bearing ratio curve has been proposed recently. These parameters contain a great deal of information about the material and void volume and enhance the ability to characterise functional properties of a surface in light of the experiments on a batch of ceramic and metallic femoral hip joint heads at different stages of wear.

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