Smyth, John (1981) Research on classroom management: studies of pupil engaged learning time as a special but instructive case. Journal of Education for Teaching, 7 (2). pp. 127-148. ISSN 0260-7476

The field of research on teaching is a burgeoning one. Prominent in this revival is the research that looks at what pupils learn as they learn, while also seeking to trace through those teacher activities that appear to be associated with successful learning. Studies of ‘pupil engaged learning time’, while not new, have provided teachers and researchers with an educationally significant and readily measurable variable. Focus on pupil classroom pursuits, particularly against the background of teacher intent and behaviour, has reinforced the widely held belief of the importance of classroom management strategies. This paper looks at the place of research on engaged time as it relates to research on teacher effectiveness, as well as surveying some of the more consistent findings, and the implications those hold for classroom practitioners.

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