Lou, Shan, Jiang, Xiang, Zeng, Wenhan, Abdul-Rahman, Hussein S. and Paul, Scott (2015) From planar surfaces based on lattices to freeform surfaces based on triangular meshes: an advanced extension of the areal motif method. In: 15th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces, 2-5 March 2015, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. (Unpublished)

Surfaces are shifting from traditional planar surfaces to freeform surfaces with significantly reduced volume and weight and highly improved performance. The areal motif method is used to analyse the topographical features on planar surfaces which are important to surface function. However the areal motif analysis cannot be directly applied to freeform surfaces, usually described by the triangular mesh data structure. To overcome this obstacle, a feasible strategy is proposed to extend the motif method. Morphological operations are employed to separate the “texture” and “form” surface. The watershed segmentation is then applied to the “texture” height surface in which the connection of each vertex is defined by the triangular mesh. The tiny motif due to the over-segmentation is combined by pruning the peaks and pits in the Pfaltz graph.


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