Viduto, Valentina, Maple, Carsten and Huang, Wei An Analytical Evaluation of Network Security Modelling Techniques Applied to Manage Threats. In: International Conference on Broadband, Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications. BWCCA 2010 . IEEE, Fukuoka, Japan, pp. 117-123. ISBN 978-0-7695-4236-2

The current ubiquity of information coupled with
the reliance on such data by businesses has led to a great
deal of resources being deployed to ensure the security of this
information. Threats can come from a number of sources and the
dangers from those insiders closest to the source have increased
significantly recently. This paper focuses on techniques used to
identify and manage threats as well as the measures that every
organisation should consider to put into action. A novel game-based
onion skin model has been proposed, combining techniques
used in theory-based and hardware-based hardening strategies.

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