Shagluf, Abubaker, Longstaff, Andrew P. and Fletcher, Simon (2014) Maintenance Strategies to Reduce Downtime Due to Machine Positional Errors. In: Proceedings of Maintenance Performance Measurement and Management. MPMM 2014 . Department of Mechanical Engineering Pólo II · FCTUC, Coimbra, Portugal, pp. 111-118. ISBN 978-972-8954-42-0

Manufacturing strives to reduce waste and increase
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). When managing machine tool maintenance a manufacturer must apply an appropriate decision technique in order to reveal hidden costs associated with production losses, reduce equipment downtime
competently and similarly identify the machines’ performance.
Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a maintenance program that involves concepts for maintaining plant and equipment effectively. OEE is a powerful metric of manufacturing performance incorporating measures of the utilisation, yield and efficiency of a given process, machine or manufacturing line. It supports TPM initiatives by accurately tracking progress towards achieving “perfect production.”
This paper presents a review of maintenance management methodologies and their application to positional error calibration decision-making. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the contribution of maintenance strategies, in particular TPM, towards improving manufacturing performance, and how they could be applied to reduce downtime due to inaccuracy of the machine. This is to find a balance between predictive
calibration, on-machine checking and lost production due to inaccuracy.
This work redefines the role of maintenance management techniques and develops a framework to support the process of implementing a predictive calibration program as a prime method to supporting the change of philosophy for machine tool calibration decision making.

Keywords—maintenance strategies, down time, OEE, TPM, decision making, predictive calibration.

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