Wei, Nasha, Gu, Fengshou, Li, Guoxing, Wang, Tie and Ball, Andrew (2014) Characterising the friction and wear between the piston ring and cylinder liner based on acoustic emission analysis. In: 21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 13th - 17th July, 2014, Beijing, China.

In this paper, an experimental investigation was carried out to evaluate the friction and wear between the cylinder liner and piston ring using acoustic emission (AE) technology. Based on a typical compression ignition (CI) diesel engine, four types of alternative fuels (Fischer-Tropsch fuel, methanol-diesel, emulsified diesel and standard diesel) were tested under dif-ferent operating conditions. AE signals collected from the cylinder block of the testing en-gine. In the meantime, the AE signals in one engine cycle are further segregated into small segments to eliminate the effects of valve events on friction events of cylinder liner. In this way, the resulted AE signals are consistent with the prediction of hydrodynamic lubrication processes. Test results show that there are clear evidences of high AE deviations between dif-ferent fuels. In particular, the methanol-diesel blended fuel produces higher AE energy, which indicates there are more wear between the piston ring and cylinder liner than using standard diesel. On the other hand, the other two alternative fuels have been found little dif-ferences in AE signal from the normal diesel. This paper has shown that AE analysis is an ef-fective technique for on-line assessment of engine friction and wear, which provides a novel approach to support the development of new engine fuels and new lubricants.

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