Kubiak, Krzysztof and Mathia, T.G. (2009) Influence of roughness on contact interface in fretting under dry and boundary lubricated sliding regimes. Wear, 267 (1-4). 315 - 321. ISSN 0043-1648

This paper presents experimental results of wear process under dry and boundary lubricated metallic (AISI 1034/AISI 52100) contacting bodies with different surfaces morphologies subjected to a wide range of kinematic fretting conditions. Analysis of damage mode observed under such fretting conditions is elucidated in context of surfaces morphologies therefore associated with surface manufacturing processes. Various surface topographies due to specific machining processes (cutting and abrasive modes) have been investigated. Under boundary lubricated (ZDDTP zinc-dialkyl-dithiophosphate) fretting contact paradoxally has a high coefficient of friction at the transition between Partial and Full slip sliding regime. This paper attempts to bridge the gap between the damage mode, sliding conditions and surface roughness to provide an approach to evaluate the surface finishing as a factor in friction and wear damage processes.

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