Lawrence-Wilkes, Linda and Ashmore, Lyn (2014) The Reflective Practitioner in Professional Education. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. ISBN 9781137399588

How important is it to be a reflective practitioner in education today? Is reflection viewed as subjective, a 'shape-shifting' approach to truth-seeking - or a critical developmental process leading to emancipated thinking?

While many believe reflective practice promotes development, critics have questioned its effectiveness and validity in learning. Using practice-based research, this book examines the reflective practitioner role and the scope of reflective activities in professional practice, revealing that critical thinking is rooted in a philosophical debate about notions of truth linked to differing learning approaches. The Reflective Practitioner in Professional Education considers how a dominant scientific learning approach influences the reflective practitioner role and related reflective activities. Emerging ideas present an argument for an inclusive reflective practitioner role within an applied learning approach.