Kollar, László E., Lucas, Gary and Zhang, Zhichao (2013) An Analytical Method for Reconstruction of Velocity Profiles using a Multi-Electrode Electromagnetic Flow Meter. In: 7th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography. WCIPT7 . International Society for Industrial Process Tomography, Krakow, Poland, pp. 385-394. ISBN 978 0 853 16323 7

An analytical method is developed for the reconstruction of velocity profiles using measured potential distributions obtained around the boundary of a multi-electrode electromagnetic flow meter. Since the solution is not unique, a procedure for choosing the optimum velocity profile is proposed for two-phase flows. The method was tested with a complex velocity profile obtained in a two-phase flow using computer simulations. The benefit of this method is that it provides not only a mean flow velocity, but a velocity distribution in a circular section as an analytical function of the spatial coordinates.

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