Dennis, Karen (2012) Managing the Masses: The Highs and Lows of Large and Multi Cohort Lecturing. In: How learning happens: Teaching and Learning Conference, 14th September 2012, Business School, University of Huddersfield.

The aim of this presentation is to explore, how as tutors we can engage students within a large lecture theatre and how we can keep their motivation and momentum going, through the development of innovative teaching and assessment methods.
The presentation will draw on work undertaken in the development of a history and context module delivered to approximately 220 1st year design students in which they worked towards an essay and presentation. Feedback collected from students will monitor their experiences of learning and their engagement with the subject matter.
Innovation in delivery will be explored with the view to developing transferable models applicable to other subject areas and pave the way for discussion into the advantages and disadvantages of teaching on this scale.
Of key importance will be the evaluation of student experiences of group work where they were asked to produce a book. This was done as a way of engaging students with physical materials and as a way of breaking down their fear towards books and reading. It was also done as a way of making the numbers more manageable and as a way of encouraging self and peer directed learning. For assessment they have been asked to present in front of a video camera for ease of assessment and these efforts will be similarly evaluated.
Also up for exploration will be personal reflections on how modules of this scale can be managed and effective tutoring put in place. This will consider the role and importance of email and virtual learning environments for keeping in touch and transferring key information. Reflections on social and political issues as they relate to ‘mass’ teaching and ‘mass’ education will also be reviewed. It is hoped that examples of work will be presented in the form of student presentations and examples of effective feedback will be highlighted showing ways in which students have effectively learnt within this environment. Recommendations for future development the module will be presented.

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