Stansbie, Lisa and Borlescu, Ana Maria (2013) Reflections on Narrative: Interdisciplinary Storytelling. Interdisciplinary Press, Oxford. ISBN 978-1-84888-245-4

A cross-cultural and global journey through narrative, this volume reveals the underlying stories of our cultures, societies and personal experiences. Stories are, after all, the invisible web of our lives, each of us spinning it further every day. The authors provide a comprehensive view of stories big and small, intentional and unintentional narratives and the position of authorship within storytelling. Topics reflect a myriad of disciplines from history, philosophy, literature, theology, psychology, linguistics, education, cultural and gender studies, social sciences, education, art and design, film and theatre (to name but a few) coupled with a richness and variety that is fuelled by the trans-global selection of authors, allowing the reader to traverse the world as they read. This is a truly interdisciplinary endeavour united in one common interest: a passion for the stories we create, the stories we share, the stories we hear and the stories that inspire us.

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