Jiang, Xiang, Abdul-Rahman, Hussein S. and Scott, Paul J. (2013) Lifting wavelet algorithm for freeform surface filtering using a Gaussian prediction operator. International Journal of Precision Technology, 3 (3). pp. 244-260. ISSN 1755-2060

The aim of the paper is to investigate a novel lifting wavelet
algorithm based on a Gaussian prediction operator to filter freeform surfaces
represented by 3D triangular meshes. The proposed algorithm is based upon the
lifting scheme where wavelet decomposition is implemented using three major
operators; the split, predict and update operator. This paper proposes a novel
prediction operator based on a Gaussian function. The proposed algorithm is
used to filter computer generated and real freeform surfaces and the results are
compared with another lifting wavelet algorithm based on mesh relaxation
prediction. Comparison shows that a Gaussian prediction operator achieved
smoother results for the same decomposition levels.

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