Mitsuishi, K., Song, M., Furuya, K., Birtcher, R. C., Allen, C. W. and Donnelly, S. E. (1997) In-situ observation of atomic processes in Xe nanocrystals embedded in al. MRS Proceedings, 504. ISSN 1946-4274

Self-organization processes in Xe nanocrystals embedded in Al are observed with in-situ high-resolution electron microscopy. Under electron irradiation, stacking fault type defects are produced in Xe nanocrystals. The defects recover in a layer by layer manner. Detailed analysis of the video reveals that the displacement of Xe atoms in the stacking fault was rather small for the Xe atoms at boundary between Xe and Al, suggesting the possibility of the stacking fault in Xe precipitate originating inside of precipitate, not at the Al/Xe interface.

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