Suder, Suli, Faunce, C. A. and Donnelly, S. E. (1997) Two-View Small-Angle Wedge Sample Preparation By Hand Tools For Transmission Electron Microscopy Of Semiconductors And Related Materials. MRS Proceedings, 480. ISSN 1946-4274

Various small-angle wedge two-view samples have been prepared by a small-angle cleavage technique using hand tools and examined by transmission electron microscopy. Cleaved wedges from the same material are mounted both as plan-view and cross-sectional samples on the same TEM specimen grid allowing convenient examination in both views. Samples of Si3N4, Zr, Co and TiN/CN/TiN films deposited on Si, and He ion implanted Si prepared by this technique are shown to be suitable for analysis in the TEM.

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