Khonde, K., Darville, J., Donnelly, S. E. and Gilles, J.M. (1980) LEED-Auger study of the interaction of ethylene and hydrogen with Al(100). Applications of Surface Science, 6 (3-4). pp. 297-308. ISSN 0378-5963

AES, LEED, ELS and work function determination were used in order to study H2 and C2H4 adsorption on Al(100). Results indicate that C2H4 and H2 adsorb dissociatively at room temperature. The adsorbed species are incorporated into ordered islands at intermediate exposures. At high exposures the adsorbed species are probably deposited on the surface. Present results indicate that incorporation is randomlike for C2H4 adsorption at -80°C. Conversion to an ordered structure results from heating at -30°C. At high current density electron beam stimulates hydrocarbon desorption upon C2h4 adsorption and leads to a random incorporation of hydrogen, probably in the form of an amorphous hydride.

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