Alviano, Mario, Faber, Wolfgang and Leone, Nicola (2010) Disjunctive ASP with functions: Decidable queries and effective computation. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 10 (4-6). pp. 497-512. ISSN 1471-0684

Querying over disjunctive ASP with functions is a highly undecidable task in general. In this paper we focus on disjunctive logic programs with stratified negation and functions under the stable model semantics (ASPfs). We show that query answering in this setting is decidable, if the query is finitely recursive (ASPfsfr). Our proof yields also an effective method for query evaluation. It is done by extending the magic set technique to ASPfsfr. We show that the magic-set rewritten program is query equivalent to the original one (under both brave and cautious reasoning). Moreover, we prove that the rewritten program is also finitely ground, implying that it is decidable. Importantly, finitely ground programs are evaluable using existing ASP solvers, making the class of ASPfsfr queries usable in practice.

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