Yu, P., Davies, O.T., Glover, Ian, Watson, Peter A., Ventouras, Spyros G. and Wrench, Charles L. (2001) Slant path scintillation intensity prediction using GPS data. In: 11th International Conference on Antennas and Propagation (ICAP 2001). IEEE, pp. 603-606. ISBN 9780852967331

A previously developed method of inferring integrated water vapour along a zenith path using GPS measurements is applied to scintillation intensity prediction. The hypothesis is that the values of Nwet , obtained from such measurements will be both more accurate and shorter-term predictors than those based on monthly averaged temperatures and relative humidities. This is because the important tropospheric turbulence that is the cause of scintillation occurs most frequently aloft rather than at ground level

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