Gao, F., Muhamedsalih, Hussam and Jiang, Xiang (2012) In-Process Fast Surface Measurement Using Wavelength Scanning Interferometry. Advanced Materials Research, 622-62. pp. 357-360. ISSN 1662-8985

A wavelength scanning interferometry system for fast areal surface measurement of micro and nano-scale surfaces which is immune to environmental noise is introduced in this paper. It can be used for surface measurement of discontinuous surface profiles by producing phase shifts without any mechanical scanning process. White light spectral scanning interferometry, together with an acousto-optic tuneable filtering technique, is used to measure both smooth surfaces and those with large step heights. An active servo control system is used to serve as a phase compensating mechanism to eliminate the effects of environmental noise. The system can be used for on-line or in-process measurement on a shop floor.

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