Lunn, Ken, Sixsmith, Andrew, Lindsay, Ann and Vaarama, Marja (2003) Modelling telecare service requirements for older people using the Unified Modelling Language. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. ISSN 0302-9743

Providing technology support for older people offers distinct
challenges for social and IT systems delivery. The definition and integration of
services, the diversity of supply, variance in structures, and the lack of
centralised control, introduce significant challenges. These challenges stretch
contemporary methods in the social and IT domains. In this paper, we introduce
a method that we have developed and used successfully over a number of years.
We briefly introduce a protocol and framework that utilises the Unified
Modelling Language and adapts best practice from methods such as the Unified
Software Development Method, the Dynamic System Development Method,
and user-centred approaches from the care sector such as Userfit.

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