Alturki, Raad and Mehmood, Rashid (2012) Cross-Layer Multimedia QoS Provisioning over Ad Hoc Networks. In: Using Cross-Layer Techniques for Communication Systems. IGI, pp. 460-499. ISBN 9781466609600

The HCPR scheme is implemented as an extension to the OPNET simulation software and is analysed in detail for its QoS performance to deliver multimedia applications over ad hoc networks. It is compared with three well-known and widely used routing protocols: Ad Hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV), Optimised Link State Routing (OLSR), and Geographic Routing Protocol (GRP). Several networking scenarios have been carefully configured with variations in networks sizes, applications, codecs, and routing protocols to extensively analyse the proposed scheme. The HCPR enabled ad hoc network outperforms the well-known routing schemes, in particular for relatively large networks and high QoS network loads. These results are promising because many QoS schemes do work for small networks and low network loads but are unable to sustain performance for large networks and high QoS loads. Several directions to extend this research for future work are given.

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