Lu, Joan (2012) Learning with Mobile Technologies, Handheld Devices, and Smart Phones: Innovative Methods. IGI Global, Hershey, PA , USA. ISBN 9781466609365

Mobile Learning is a new trend in pedagogical communities. It matches the speed of fast moving methodologies in pedagogical world. The theories of activity-based learning, problem-based learning, work-based learning, and opinion-based learning, learner-centered learning, and so forth, can be integrated with these tiny handheld devices. Students and teachers communicate effectively and efficiently with these simple clicks to obtain the formative/informative and summative feedbacks. The learning outcomes for both ability and knowledge can be smartly measured and observed through the latest ICT technologies.

Learning with Mobile Technologies, Handheld Devices and Smart Phones: Innovative Methods presents a collection of innovative research which focuses on learning in the digital world with advanced mobile technologies. This reference will aim to bring researchers, professors, and lectures and industrial training associations together to introduce a new era of teaching and learning societies.

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