Abid, Abdulbasit Z., Gdeisat, Munther A., Burton, David R., Lalor, Michael J., Abdul-Rahman, Hussein S. and Lilley, Francis (2008) Fringe pattern analysis using a one-dimensional modified Morlet continuous wavelet transform. In: Proceedings of SPIE: Optical and Digital Image Processing. SPIE. ISBN 9780819471987

This paper proposes the use of a modified Morlet wavelet in order to demodulate fringe patterns in conjunction with the one-dimensional continuous wavelet transform (1D-CWT). Our investigations demonstrate that the modified Morlet wavelet produces better results compared to the conventional Morlet wavelet when used in fringe pattern analysis. This novel technique offers superior performance in analysing fringe patterns from objects that exhibit large height variations. This new technique has been used in conjunction with the direct maximum ridge extraction algorithm and an improvement in performance is observed. The algorithm has been tested using both computer-generated and real fringe patterns; and was found to be suitable for fringe pattern demodulation and robust in operation.

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