Abdul-Rahman, Hussein S., Gdeisat, Munther A., Burton, David R., Lalor, Michael J., Lilley, Francis and Moore, Christopher J. (2007) Fast and robust three-dimensional best path phase unwrapping algorithm. Applied Optics, 46 (26). pp. 6623-6635. ISSN 0003-6935

What we believe to be a novel three-dimensional (3D) phase unwrapping algorithm is proposed to unwrap
3D wrapped-phase volumes. It depends on a quality map to unwrap the most reliable voxels first and the
least reliable voxels last. The technique follows a discrete unwrapping path to perform the unwrapping
process. The performance of this technique was tested on both simulated and real wrapped-phase maps. And
it is found to be robust and fast compared with other 3D phase unwrapping algorithms. © 2007 Optical
Society of America

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