Naveed, Munir, Kitchin, Diane E., Crampton, Andrew, Chrpa, Lukáš and Gregory, Peter (2012) A Monte-Carlo Path Planner for Dynamic and Partially Observable Environments. In: Computing in Games (CIG) 2012, 11-14 September 2012, Granada, Spain. (Unpublished)

Abstract—In this paper, we present a Monte-Carlo policy rollout technique (called MOCART-CGA) for path planning in dynamic and partially observable real-time environments such as Real-time Strategy games. The emphasis is put on fast action selection motivating the use of Monte-Carlo techniques in MOCART-CGA. Exploration of the space is guided by using corridors which direct simulations in the neighbourhood of the best found moves.

MOCART-CGA limits how many times a particular stateaction pair is explored to balance exploration of the neighbourhood of the state and exploitation of promising actions. MOCART-CGA is evaluated using four standard pathfinding benchmark maps, and over 1000 instances. The empirical results show that MOCART-CGA outperforms existing techniques, in terms of search time, in dynamic and partially observable environments. Experiments have also been performed in static (and partially observable) environments where MOCARTCGA still requires less time to search than its competitors, but typically finds lower quality plans.

CIG 2112
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