Elzawi, A. and Wade, Steve (2012) Barriers to ICT adoption in quality of engineering research in Libya : how to bridge the digital divide? In: Proceedings of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Computing and Engineering Annual Researchers’ Conference 2012: CEARC’12. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 98-103. ISBN 978-1-86218-106-9

This paper aims to identify the barriers to the adoption of ICT in Quality of Engineering Research, and how to bridge the “Digital Divide” at Tripoli University through effective ICT implementation. The authors study the global digital divide with emphasis on the disparities in Information Technology between developed countries and Libya. It is obvious that effective ICT implementation should focus on understanding individual faculty needs. Then a thorough investigation is conducted in relation to the
importance of implementing electronic education at Libyan universities, and of including faculty members in every step of the planning and implementation of up-to-date technologies, as well as the challenges and solutions of ICT implementation. This paper presents the factors that affect Internet use by staff members; how the Internet affects research and teaching; what the main purposes are for using Internet resources, and the level of Libyan research into IT development and implementation.

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