Gledhill, Duke, Tian, Gui Yun, Taylor, D. and Clarke, David (2004) 3D reconstruction of a region of interest using structured light and stereo panoramic images. In: Eighth International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV'04). IEEE, London, UK, 1007 -1012. ISBN 0769521770

Construction of 3D environments from photorealistic images is important for many industries, including virtual reality, games and tourism among others. Extensive work has been undertaken using multiple stereo vision systems and fusion processing to create full 3D virtual environments. To improve the efficiency and accuracy, a stereo panoramic imaging system is used. A 3D environment can be created by using two panoramic images from a one-shot camera system. However a whole 3D scene is not always required, so a system which reconstructs 3D data only in a region of interest has been developed. A new structured light projection system for region of interest reconstruction is presented and tested. Based on the experimental tests, conclusions have been derived for highlighting the advantages of the approach.

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