Lu, Rong-Sheng, Tian, Gui Yun, Gledhill, Duke and Ward, Steve (2006) Grinding surface roughness measurement based on the co-occurrence matrix of speckle pattern texture. Applied Optics, 45 (35). pp. 8839-8847. ISSN 0003-6935

Surface speckle pattern intensity distribution resulting from laser light scattering from a rough surface contains various information about the surface geometrical and physical properties.A surface roughness measurement technique based on the texture analysis of surface speckle pattern texture images is put forward. In the surface roughness measurement technique, the speckle pattern texture images are taken by a simple setup configuration consisting of a laser and a CCD camera. Our experimental results show that the surface roughness contained in the surface speckle pattern texture images has a good monotonic relationship with their energy feature of the gray-level co-occurrence matrices. After the measurement system is calibrated by a standard surface roughness specimen, the surface roughness of the object surface composed of the same material and machined by the same method as the standard specimen surface can be evaluated from a single speckle pattern texture image. The robustness of the characterization of speckle pattern texture for surface roughness is also discussed. Thus the surface roughness measurement technique can be used for an in-process surface measurement.

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