Anyakwo, Arthur, Pislaru, Crinela, Ball, Andrew and Gu, Fengshou (2011) A Novel Approach To Modelling And Simulation Of The Dynamic Behaviour Of The Wheel-Rail Interface. In: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Automation & Computing. Chinese Automation and Computing Society, Huddersfield. ISBN 978-1-86218-098-7

This paper presents a novel approach to modelling and simulation of the dynamic behaviour of
rail-wheel interface. The proposed dynamic wheel-rail contact model comprises wheel-rail geometry and efficient solutions for normal and tangential contact problems. This two-degree of freedom model takes into account the lateral displacement of the wheelset and the yaw angle. Single wheel tread rail contact was considered
for all simulations and Kalker‟s linear theory and heuristic non-linear creep models were employed. The second order differential equations are reduced to first order and the forward velocity of the wheelset is increased until the wheelset becomes unstable. A comprehensive study of the wheelset lateral stability is performed and is relatively easy to use since no mathematical approach is required to estimate the critical velocity of the dynamic wheel-rail contact model.

This novel approach to modelling and simulation of the dynamic behaviour of rail-wheel interface will be useful in the development of intelligent infrastructure diagnostic and condition monitoring systems. The automated
detection of the state of the track will allow informed decision making on asset management actions – especially in maintenance and renewals activities.

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