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Gao, Yun and Orr, Kevin (2015) Architectural students' year-out training experience in architectural offices in the UK. arq: Architectural Research Quarterly, 19 (2). ISSN 1359-1355 (In Press)

Gao, Yun (2015) Book Review: Design Research in Architecture: An Overview. Design journal, 18 (2). pp. 291-294. ISSN 1460-6925

Gao, Yun (2015) An analysis of UK architecture students’ reflections on their year-out learning experience in practice and their integration of knowledge learnt in both architectural offices and universities. arq: Architectural Research Quarterly. ISSN 1359-1355 (In Press)


Gao, Yun, Pitts, Adrian and Gao, Jing (2014) The Role of Ecotourism in the Sustainable Development of Qinkou village, Yunnan, China, 2001 to 2013. Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Working Paper Series, 268. pp. 1-25.

Mehibel, Mia, Pitts, Adrian and Gao, Yun (2014) Sustainability and the Urban Planning Context: Housing Development in Algeria. In: PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) Conference 2014, 16th-18th December 2014, Ahmedabad, India.

Chen, Yi and Gao, Yun (2014) The Coexistence and Combination of Chinese and Western Design Elements in Everyday Life——A case study of contemporary wedding ceremony in China. Art and Design, 290 (117). pp. 32-34. ISSN 1008-2832

Pitts, Adrian and Gao, Yun (2014) Design of Dwellings and Interior Family Space in China: Understanding the History of Change and Opportunities for Improved Sustainability Practices. Buildings, 4 (4). pp. 823-848. ISSN 2075-5309

Gao, Yun and Pitts, Adrian (2014) Design in Different Cultures as a Participant Rather Than an Observer. In: Innovation in Built Environment Education 2014: Collaborative Futures: Practice, Place and Professionals, 15-16 May 2014, Nottingham Trent Univesity. (Unpublished)


Gao, Yun (2013) Design of Family Space in the Reform-era Chinese Cities. In: 10th annual conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association, 21st-23st November 2013, University of the West of England, Bristol.

Gao, Yun (2013) Architectural Students’ Year-out Experience in Practice. In: Royal Institute of British Architects: Research Matters, 15th November 2013, Royal Institute of British Architects, London. (Unpublished)

Orr, Kevin and Gao, Yun (2013) Becoming an architect: the role of work-based learning in architect training. Vocations and Learning, 6 (2). pp. 221-235. ISSN 1874-785X

Gao, Yun (2013) Designing within a Different Culture – The case for incorporating overseas design projects and field studies in the curriculum of a school of architecture. In: Inaugural Association of Architectural Educators: Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, 4th - 5th April 2013, Nottingham Trent University.


Gao, Yun (2012) Chinese Student Learning Experience. In: University of Huddersfield Teaching and Learning Conference 2012, 14 September 2012, University of Huddersfield. (Submitted)

Chen, Yi and Gao, Yun (2012) The Clash of Cultures in Product Design. In: Research Festival 2012(Research Poster Competition) University of Huddersfield, 13 September 2012, University of Huddersfield.

Zhu, Chuanyan and Gao, Yun (2012) Communication with Chinese International Students: Understanding Chinese International Students’ learning difficulties and communication barriers. In: British Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2012, 4 - 6 September, 2012, University of Manchester. (Submitted)


Orr, Kevin and Gao, Yun (2011) Becoming an Architect: the role of work-based learning in architect training. In: 7th International Conference on Researching Work and Learning, December 4 - 7, 2011, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. (Unpublished)

Gao, Yun (2011) Design in Familiar and Unfamiliar Cultures. Radar, 1 (2). pp. 7-8. ISSN 2049-4327

Chen, Yi and Gao, Yun (2011) Shanzhai—A Design Paradigm in China. In: Research Festival 2011(Research Poster Competition) University of Huddersfield, 28 March - 2 April 2011, University of Huddersfield.


Gao, Yun (2010) Xishuangbanna in Southwest China - a fantasized place and the lived experience of the place. In: IASTE 2010 Working Paper Series. Urban Utopias: Regeneration, Renewal, and Planning, 228 . International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, Beirut, Lebanon, pp. 23-36.

Gao, Yun (2010) Architectural field study in an unfamiliar culture - case study in China trips. In: Being There - Reflections on 20 years of the International course at the Huddersfield Department of Architecture. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK, pp. 15-24. ISBN 9781682180864

Gao, Yun (2010) Being There - Reflections on 20 years of the International course at the Huddersfield Department of Architecture. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK. ISBN 9781682180864

Gao, Yun and Gao, Jing (2010) Joint Architectural Projects with Students in Visiting Countries During Field Studies. In: Being There - reflections of 20 years of International Architecture Course in Huddersfield School of Architecture. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK, pp. 25-35. ISBN 9781862180864

Gao, Yun (2010) Changes of Kunming City in Southwest China - Translation and transcription. In: The Culture Role of Architecture, 23-25 June 2010, University of Lincoln. (Unpublished)


Gao, Yun (2008) Using a Wiki to create a virtual work space for cases about Architectural practice in UK and China. In: University Teaching and Learning Conference 2008, September 2008, University of Huddersfield. (Unpublished)

Gao, Yun (2008) Lijiang's Tourism Development - how the designers design Lijiang. In: 16th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, 15 -23 July 2008, Kunming, China. (Unpublished)

Gao, Yun (2008) A Changing Process of Traditional Built Environment in Yunnan, China. Working Paper. University of California.


Gao, Yun, Gao, Jing and Bai, Yu (2007) The Role of Tourism in Sustainable Development: A case study in Yunnan, China. In: 13th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, 9th-12th June, 2007, Văsterảs, Sweden. (Submitted)


Gao, Yun (2006) Practice and Education: Housing Design and Energy Saving in Britain. In: 12th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, 6th-8th April, 2006, Hong Kong. (Unpublished)


Gao, Yun (2003) Houses of Dai Nationality in Yunnan, South China. Beijing University Press, Beijing, China. ISBN 7301065000


Gao, Yun (1996) On the Development of the Houses of the Dai Villagers and Aristocrats. Edinburgh Architecture Research (EAR), 23. pp. 50-64. ISSN 0140-5039


Gao, Yun (1995) Symbolism in the Construction of the Dai Traditional House. Edinburgh Architecture Research, 22. pp. 121-131. ISSN 0140-5039


Gao, Yun (1992) Investigation and Analysis of the Indigenous Characters of Newly-built Houses in Small Towns and Villages. Journal of Yunnan Institute of Technology, 8 (3). pp. 47-53. ISSN 1003-3718

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