Bonner, Stephen, Pulley, Carl, Kureshi, Ibad, Holmes, Violeta, Brennan, John and James, Yvonne (2013) Using OpenStack to improve student experience in an H.E. environment. In: Proceedings of 2013 Science and Information Conference. SAI 2013 . The Science and Information Organization, London, UK, pp. 888-893. ISBN 9780989319300

The cloud computing paradigm promises to deliver hardware to the end user at a low cost with an easy to use interface via the internet. This paper outlines an effort at the University of Huddersfield to deploy a private Infrastructure as a Service cloud to enhance the student learning experiance. The paper covers the deployment methods and configurations for OpenStack along with the security provisions that were taken to deliver computer hardware. The rationale behind the provisions of virtual hardware and OS configurations have been defined in great detail supported by examples. This paper also covers how the resource has been used within the taught courses as a Virtual Laboratory, and in the research projects. A second use case of the cloud for Automated Formative Assesment (AFA) by using JClouds and Chef for Continuous Integration is presented. The AFA deployment is an example of a Software as a Service offering that has been added on to the IaaS cloud. This development has led to an increase in freedom for the student.

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