Muller, Matthias and Barrans, Simon (2010) Predicting and determining the contact pressure distribution in joints formed by v-band clamps. In: Future Technologies in Computing and Engineering: Proceedings of Computing and Engineering Annual Researchers' Conference 2010: CEARC’10. University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, pp. 154-159. ISBN 9781862180932

V-band clamps are utilised in a wide range of industries to connect together a pair of circular flanges, for ducts, pipes, turbocharger housings and even to form a joint between satellites and their delivery vehicle. In this paper, using a previously developed axisymmetric finite element model, the impact of contact pressure on the contact surface of the V-band clamp was studied and surface roughness measurements were used to investigate the distribution of contact pressure around the circumference of the V-band.

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