Yeung, Ka Yiu and Chen, Xun (2010) 3-D Fixture Layout Design System Based on Genetic Algorithm. Proceedings of the 16th International conference on Automation & Computing. pp. 238-243. ISSN 9780955529368

Designing a fixture layout is the primary task of fixture design, which consists of determining the different combinations of locators and clamping scheme. Designing a fixture is a lengthy process and the performance of a fixture is usually difficult to predict. Designing fixture to effectively restrain complex components has been recognised as a bottleneck in fixture design development. The aim of this research is to develop a genetic algorithm (GA) based methodology to support effective fixture layout optimization for 3-D component. Reduce the dependence on designers expertise to deliver the fixture layout design against his/her own particular design methodology. Efforts of the application are focused on optimisation of the positions of locators and clamps for complex geometry components, such as a turbine blade. Overall, results suggest the feasibly of using GA in fixturing layout optimization.

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