Fieldhouse, John D. and Mishra, Rakesh (2007) Addressing the issues of increasing cultural diversity within an educational institution. In: The 2nd University of Huddersfield Teaching & Learning Conference, 14th September 2007, Huddersfield, UK. (Unpublished)

The workshop is intended to stimulate discussion regarding the problems faced by staff dealing with the increasing number of overseas students from different cultures and varying educational backgrounds. It is expected that the session will begin with a short presentation outlining our experiences when dealing with a mix of overseas students and the problems inherited/imposed by educational "systems" designed to address an intake of students with UK educational backgrounds.

There will be an outline of initiatives introduced by the facilitators as a means to establish a level playing field for overseas students and the effects of such initiatives had on student performance.

It is expected the workshop will encourage participants to exchange their experiences and share ideas and that we could conclude with a range of suggestions that could be passed to the University to form a framework that will allow use to address issues before they develop into significant problems.

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