McCluskey, T.L. and West, Margaret M. (1998) Towards the Automated Debugging and Maintenance of Logic-based Requirements Models. In: Proceedings, 13th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE Computer Society. ISBN 9780818687501

In this paper we describe a tools environment which automates the validation and maintenance of a requirements model written in many-sorted first order logic. We focus on: a translator, that produces an executable form of the model; blame assignment functions, which input batches of
mis-classified tests (i.e. training examples) and output likely faulty parts of the model; and a theory reviser, which inputs the faulty parts and examples and outputs suggested revisions to the model. In particular, we concentrate on the problems encountered when applying these tools to a real application: a requirements model containing air traffic control separation standards, operating methods and airspace information.

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