Wang, Y., Li, G., Lin, L., Liu, Y.L., Li, X.X. and Lu, S.C.Y (2005) Study on the measurement method of a dynamic spectrum. Journal of Physics, 13. pp. 284-288. ISSN 1742-6596

Continuous non-invasive blood component sensing and regulation is necessary for patients with metabolism disorders. Utilizing near-infrared spectroscopy for non-invasively sensing blood component concentration has been a focus topic in biomedical optics applications. It has been shown to be versatile, speedy and sensitive to several kinds of samples. However, there is no report about any successful non-invasive blood component (except the artery blood oxygen saturation) concentration detection techniques that can meet the requirements of clinic application. One of the key difficulties is the influence of individual discrepancies. Dynamic spectrum is a new non-invasive measure method for sensing blood component concentration presented recently. It can theoretically eliminate the individual discrepancies of the tissues except the pulsatile component of the artery blood. This indicates a brand new way to measure the blood component concentration and the potential to provide absolute quantitation of hemodynamic variables. In this paper, the measurement methodology to acquire the DS from photoplethysmography (PPG) is studied. A dynamic spectrometer to acquire the DS is described

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