Ma, L.M., Jiang, Xiang, Xu, Z. and Li, Z. (2005) An investigation on the technical standard strategy for China's manufacturing industry. Journal of Physics: conference series, 13. pp. 389-393. ISSN 1742-6596

China's manufacturing industry is now the 4th largest manufacturing power in the world, second only to the US, Japan, and Germany. Large but not strong, it is still way behind developed countries. In the technical standard field, the gap between China's manufacturing industry and industrially developed countries is showing that there is a low level of technological standards and lack of professional talent versed in technical standards. A technical standards strategy is of importance to the development of China's manufacturing industry has been as one of the major strategies in the 10th Five-Year Plan period. The overall objective of the strategy for China's technical standards should be capable of supporting Chinese enterprises and products in entering the international market and ensuring the superiority of China's key industries in international competition. The implementing tactics of the strategy are all-round tracking, effective adoption, crucial participation, and strong dominance.

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