Renshaw, Tony, Stevens, Richard and Denton, Paul (2008) Understanding Games Interaction Through Eye-tracking: From User Learning to New Business Model Development. In: 38th SAGSET Conference: Teaching and Learning through Gaming and Simulation, 17-18 July 2008, Nottingham University Business School.

In today’s fast moving consumer environment, electronic gaming through consoles, the Internet and Web 2.0 has fundamentally changed the way in which players expect to interact with and gain satisfaction from their media and entertainment sources. This paper aims to report research undertaken in developing improved understandings of games player interaction. The primary scope of this work is limited to obtaining new and unique insights into player involvement and experience within electronic gaming. From analysis using computerised eye-tracking solutions, investigations into a range of techniques to determine which in addition, to providing signifiers of satisfaction, engagement or immersion, provide the evaluators with a detailed, re-playable record of how the player has interacted with the game. As well as the immediate applications for play testing this monitoring methodology also allows exploration of aspects related to usability, improved games level learning and recognition of new inherent revenue opportunities.

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