Atmoko, H., Tan, D. C., Tian, G.Y. and Fazenda, Bruno (2008) Accurate sound source localization in a reverberant environment using multiple acoustic sensors. Measurement Science and Technology, 19 (2). 024003. ISSN 0957-0233

This paper introduces a new method for the estimation of sound source distance and direction
using at least three microphone sensors in indoor environments. Unlike the other methods that
normally use approximations in obtaining the time difference between sensors, this method
exploits the existed geometrical relationships of the sensors to form an exact solution to
estimating the source position. To overcome reverberation, an enhancing pre-process has been
used for different sound sources with different spectra, e.g., single frequency, multiple
frequencies and different noise shapes. Source direction and distances are estimated from time
of sound wave travel and distances of acoustic sensors. Using the method described in this
paper a level of 1◦ accuracy is obtained. Several experimental tests have been undertaken that
verify the results. Conclusions and future work are also described.

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