Farhat, Zohaib A., Ahfayd, Mostafa H., Mather, Peter and Sibley, Martin J.N. (2018) Practical implementation of duobinary pulse position modulation using FPGA and visible light communication. In: 2017 IEEE 15th Student Conference on Research and Development (SCOReD). IEEE, pp. 253-256. ISBN 9781538621264

Low bandwidth expansion modulation schemes are preferred for free space and optical fibre data transmission, where limited bandwidth is available. One such scheme is duobinary pulse position modulation (DuoPPM), which is the subject of this paper. DuoPPM scheme is not as sensitive to bandwidth expansion issues as digital PPM, with a line rate of twice the data rate. This paper discusses first time practical implementation of DuoPPM coding scheme and its application in free space using visible light LED (30 W) for transmission purposes. Experimental results achieved at the data rate of 14 Mbit/s indicate an error rate that is better than 1 error in 109.The main aim is to analyse the practicality, robustness and limitations of DuoPPM.

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