Kapadia, Darshil, Racasan, Radu, Pagani, Luca, Al-Hajjar, Mazen and Bills, Paul J. (2017) Method for volumetric assessment of edge-wear in ceramic-on-ceramic acetabular liners. Wear, 376-77 (Part A). pp. 236-242. ISSN 0043-1648

This paper details a novel method to characterize and quantify edge wear patterns in ceramic-on-ceramic
acetabular liners using a roundness measurement machine to measure the post-wear surface. A 3D surface map is produced which encompasses the measured surface covering the wear patch, the uncontrolled edge geometry and form of the bearing surface. The data is analysed to quantify linear penetration and volume. The developed method was applied in a blind study to a set of six 36 mm ceramic- on-ceramic acetabular cup liners that were measured and analysed to characterise the edge wear. The in-vitro linear wear penetration ranged from 10 μm to 30 μm. The computed volumetric wear results obtained from the blind roundness measurement study were compared against the measured gravimetric results indicating a strong correlation between the results (0.9846). This study has also highlighted that measured liners exhibited an area of localised edge wear locates above the bearing surface as well as a smearing effect on the bearing surface caused by debris from edge wear. A study was carried out to test the repeatability of the measurement method and the inter-operator variability of the analysis. The results of the study show a standard deviation for the entire measurement and analysis process of 0.009 mm3 for first user and 0.003 mm3 for second user over twenty datasets. Hence the method displays high repeatability of the measurement and analysis process between users. This method allows for the delineation of form and wear through the determination of local geometry changes on what is essentially a freeform surface. The edge geometry is only partially controlled from a GD&T perspective and its geometry relative to the bearing surface varies from part-to-part. This method whilst being subjective allows for the determination of wear in this area with a high level of repeatability. However the limitation of this method is that it can only measure 5mm wide band of the liner due to the limited gauge travel range of 2mm.

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