Lindhout, Paul, Van Gulijk, Coen, Theunissen, Truus, Swuste, Paul, Van Guldener, Viola, Chambon, Monique, Paul, Jeanette, Herfs, Paul and Ale, Ben (2017) Taal en veiligheid: een groeiend nieuw werkveld [Language and security: a growing new field of work]. TtA: Tijdscrhift voor toegepaste Arbowetenschap, 30 (2). pp. 27-38. ISSN 0921-8440

Language issues cause safety problems at work. This study presents an inventory of scientific studies in the economic sectors and assesses which level of risk management they address. Complications with language have not been investigated comprehensively across sectors as a causal factor in accidents. This leaves language related risks partially unknown, hence uncontrolled. There is lack of insight in both the nature and magnitude of this danger in healthcare, agricultural, transport and construction sectors. Healthcare is especially troublesome since patients might be victims of language related accidents due to their presence and interaction. The same may occur to members of the public in traffic accidents. In transport and agricultural sectors safety measures were taken without any analysis of language related risks. This study shows that scientific research on ‘language and safety’ is in its infancy and requires priority on the research agenda.

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