Wilson, Kyle M., Bridges, Karl, Ward, Paul, Parkinson, Simon, Louw, Tyron and Cooney, Ryan (2017) Driver Interaction with a Traffic Light Assistant App: A Naturalistic Investigation. In: Contemporary Ergonomics & Human Factors 2017: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors. CIEHF, Daventry, UK, pp. 143-150.

A smartphone-based traffic light assistant application, EnLighten, was investigated for its ability to improve subjective driving experience and safely reduce the time it took drivers to ‘move off’ at signalised intersections. Five drivers participated in four trials over a period of three weeks. Testing took place on public roads in unaltered normal traffic conditions. It was found that EnLighten can reduce move-off times however it presented safety risks. Advantages and disadvantages of naturalistic in-vehicle testing are also discussed.

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