de Oliveira Barbosa, Joao Manuel, Park, Joonsang and Kausel, Eduardo (2012) Perfectly matched layers in the thin layer method. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 217. pp. 262-274. ISSN 0045-7825

This paper explores the coupling of the perfectly matched layer technique (PML) with the thin layer method (TLM), the combination of which allows making highly efficient and accurate simulations of layered half-spaces of infinite depth subjected to arbitrary dynamic sources anywhere. It is shown that with an appropriate complex stretching of the thickness of the thin-layers, one can assemble a system of layers which fully absorbs and attenuates waves for any angle of propagation. An extensive set of numerical experiments show that the TLM + PML performance is clearly superior to that of a standard TLM model with paraxial boundaries augmented with buffer layers (TLM + PB). This finding strongly suggests that the proposed combination may in due time constitute the preferred choice for this class of problems.

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