Walker, D.D., Freeman, R., Hobbs, G., King, A., McCavana, G., Morton, R., Riley, D. and Simms, J. (2005) Zeeko 1 metre polishing system. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Firstly, the paper introduces some interesting comparisons between CNC
polishing machines and precision grinding and turning machines. The distinction
between ‘polishing’ and ‘control of form’ is made, and the inherent nondeterminism
of control-of-form according to traditional craft-practice is
described. This leads to an outline of why automation is important, and how
improved determinism can be achieved. The Zeeko Classic and Zeeko Jet smalltool
CNC polishing processes are then introduced. We describe the mechanical
and control approach behind the first of Zeeko’s novel CNC polishing machines
that can accommodate a work-piece 1 metre in diameter. We discuss issues of
required positioning-accuracy, maximum acceleration and velocity, and how
these affect the polishing process and drive the mechanical design. Finally,
ergonomic issues are discussed, together with other practical aspects concerning
the interaction of the polishing process with measurement.

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