Savini, G., Ade, P.A.R., Baccichet, N., Bracken, C., Dohlenh, K., Donohoe, A., Gom, B., Griffin, M.J., Holland, W., Iafolla, V., Ivison, R.J., Jones, M., Juanola-Parramon, R., Lightfoot, J., Liu, S., McMillan, A., Murphy, J.A., Naylor, D., O'Sullivan, C., Pascale, E., Pezzutto, S., Rakotonimbahy, E., Schito, D., Spencer, L., Spinoglio, L., Swinyard, B., Venendaal, I., Vives, S., Walker, D.D., Leisawitz, D., Shi, S. and Matsuo, H. (2015) Progress in the critical assessment for a far-infrared space interferometer with double fourier modulation (FP7-FISICA). In: UNSPECIFIED.

The progress and results of the ongoing FP7-FISICA programme to re-asses the scientific goals of a Far-Infrared Space Interfereometer and push the development of some of its key technology elements are reported.

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