Navarro, Ramón, Burge, James H., Yu, Guoyu, Wu, Hsing-Yu, Walker, David D., Zheng, Xiao, Li, Hongyu, Dunn, Christina and Gray, Caroline (2016) Optimisation of grolishing freeform surfaces with rigid and semi-rigid tools. In: Advances in Optical and Mechanical Technologies for Telescopes and Instrumentation II Ramón Navarro; James H. Burge, June 26 2016, Edinburgh.

After the formal acceptance of our fabrication of E-ELT segments, we aim to further accelerate the mass production by introducing an intermediate grolishing procedure using industrial robots, reducing the total process time by this much faster and parallel link. In this paper, we have presented research outputs on tool design, tool path generation, study of mismatch between rigid, semi-rigid tool and aspheric surface. It is indicated that the generation of mid-spatial frequency is proportional to the grit size and misfit between work piece and tool surfaces. Using a Non-Newtonian material tool with a spindle speed of 30 rpm has successfully reduce the mid-spatial error. The optimization of process parameters involve the study the combination effects of the above factors. These optimized parameters will result in a lookup table for reference of given input surface quality. Future work may include the higher spindle speed for grolishing with non- Newtonian tool looking for potential applications regarding to form correction, higher removal rate and edge control


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