Dweib, Ibrahim, Awadi, Ayman, Elrhman, Seif Elduola Fath and Lu, Joan (2008) Schemaless approach of mapping XML document into Relational Database. 8th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, 2008. CIT 2008. pp. 167-172.

The extensible Markup Language (XML) is used for representing and exchanging data through the Internet, but this technology needs a suitable medium for storing these data. At present, three common technologies can be used to store and retrieve XML documents, i.e., native XML database, Object Oriented Database (OODB) and Relational Database (RDB). This paper describes a general method for mapping XML documents to RDB. The method does not need a DTD or XML schema. And it can be applied as a general solution for any tree data structure and not just for XML data. Also, it can be used for data-centric and document-centric documents. Experiments on this method shows it's ability to maintain document structure at a low cost price and easily, building of the original document is straight forward, performing first level semantic search is achievable either on a single document or on all documents

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