Lee, Sangcheol, Bungau, Cristian and Cywinski, R. (2016) GEANT4 Simulations of Proton-Induced Spallation for Applications in ADSR Systems. In: International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC2016, 8th - 13th May 2016, Busan, South Korea.

In order to assess the feasibility of spallation driven fission and transmutation, we have simulated proton induced neutron production using GEANT4, initially benchmarking our simulations against published experimental neutron spectra produced from a thick lead target bombarded with 0.5 and 1.5 GeV protons. The Bertini and INCL models available in GEANT4, coupled with the high precision (HP) neutron model, are found to adequately reproduce the published experimental data. Given the confidence in the GEANT4 simulations provided by this benchmarking, we have then proceeded to simulate neutron production as a function of target geometry and thence to some preliminary studies of neutron production in an ADSR with the geometry similar to that of the proposed Belgian MYRRHA project. This paper presents the results of our GEANT4 benchmarking and simulations.

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