Goldthorpe, Charlotte (2016) Artefacts of Lost Love. In: Materiality of Mourning, 19th - 20th May 2016, The University of Warwick. (Unpublished)

My practice focuses on the traverse between contemporary art and design, looking at creating artefacts to store memories of lost love. I collect memories from people relating to platonic, familial and romantic relationships that they have experienced, which then inform the development of sculptural artefacts, created to capture and embody this lost love.
My research explores how the most mundane object can become a shrine or reliquary for the emotions and feelings of another, which could be further developed as aids to provoke memories for those with dementia or helping the bereaved to process grief in a visual and tactile way. Exploration of personal objects prompts memories of lost love. It is the storage of these memories that I am interested in creating.
I have started to collect narratives at “lost love cafes” which I have established in local coffee houses where people donate their memories of times spent and objects associated with lost loved ones. From these collected memories I hope to look further into love and all it’s different facets, which in turn will be used for the production of new artefacts that will become storage sculptures for memories and feelings felt for lost love.

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