O'Brien, Dominic C., Faulkner, Grahame E., Edwards, David J., Parry, Gareth, Bellon, Jacques A., Sibley, Martin J.N., Lalithambika, Vinod A., Joyner, Valencia M., Samsudin, Rina J., Holburn, David M., Mears, Robert J., Stavrinou, Paul N. and Zyambo, Emmanuel B. (2002) Flip-chip integrated optical wireless transceivers. Proceedings of SPIE, 4873. pp. 23-29. ISSN 0277-786X

The widespread use of Optical LANs is dependent on the ability to fabricate low cost transceiver components. These are usually complex, and fabrication involves the integration of optoelectronic and electronic devices, as well as optical components. A consortium of four UK universities are currently involved in a project to demonstrate integrated optical wireless transceiver subsystems that can provide eye-safe line of sight in-building communication at 155Mbit/s and above.In this paper we discuss the flip-chip integration of two-dimensional arrays of novel microcavity LEDs with custom CMOS integrated circuits in order to produce solid state tracking emitters. Design, fabrication and integration of these structures are detailed. The scaleability and future capability available given further optimisation and development of these systems is also discussed

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